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Capo Point  Wall

Capo Point Wall

In the north there he meets the beautiful wall full of the colorful Mediterranean life, with plenty of meeting with the big fish: grouper, tuna and dorado populate the coast to the particularity of its conformation.
You can see, glued into the rock, paintings of the "Via Crucis" of Jesus .. very charming, between mysticism and realism, this dive is very beautiful and fascinating.

Zaffiro Cave

Zaffiro Cave

So named for the particular colors of the water inside it, is certainly the most beautiful and interesting
of the peninsula. The cavity has a very wide main entrance, located just three meters deep, and a second entrance, consisting of a rather narrow passage, communicating with the main entrance, just 12 mt. depth. The crossing of the tunnel does not create any problem, being very wide and barely four feet long. Inside, it seems a lake of over 40 meters in diameter, surmounted by a bell air about twenty meters high and surrounded by towering alabaster formations of stalactites and stalagmites, in the cave at some point come to join the floor and ceiling.

Penna Rock Mountain Emerged

Penna Rock Mountain Emerged

It a small, sharp rocks, tall and narrow, terminating at the South Bay Ieranto. It owes its name to its particular shape, just like a pen. Here the diving is very interesting, given the unique conformation.
Its steep walls submerged, with a beautiful natural arch in the center, are very rich life on each side
and at each depth, particularly on the external side that goes beyond the 45 mt. Covered with beautiful and red Paramuricee.

We are one of the most beautiful and spectacular in the Sorrento Peninsula,
an area considered, because of its environmental characteristics, one of the best for hunting underwater, able to devote extraordinary encounters. Easy meeting with the fish passage.

Vervece Mountain Emerged

Vervece Mountain Emerged

At twelve feet deep on a rocky floor facing east, is the Madonna of Vervece, a beautiful bronze statue, which was placed here some years ago, and that every year in September, is the destination of a pilgrimage Diving, for the celebration of the Feast of the Blessed Virgin, in memory of those who perished at sea.

Already during the ascent we will realize the extreme beauty of this dive. In fact, almost at water, rippling in the backwash of white hydroids large flowering shrubs, while the surrounding walls are colored yellow-orange offered by the myriad of Parazoanthus axinellae with polyps open to current.

Algae, sponges, bryozoans and annelids contended the substrate providing the ideal setting for countless other small organisms, including some species of sea slugs from the bright colors.

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